About Me

My path to Relationship Coaching was not a straight one. I studied chemical engineering in college and went on to spend seven years in the tech industry. From startups to massive corporations, my work experience ran the full gamut, including being acquired by Amazon Alexa. No matter what role, no matter how cutting-edge the technology, I never felt fulfilled by my tech industry work. 
I took a leap of faith in 2020 and left my AI/ML role to build a more meaningful life. I was initially considering becoming a therapist and was accepted into a prestigious Marital/Family Therapy (MFT) program. Though it was an incredible opportunity, it wasn't the best fit for me.
​I've always felt deeply drawn to working with couples, and this program had little to no emphasis on romantic relationship dynamics. I deferred enrollment for one year while I worked on my resume. I planned to reapply for programs more suited to my relationship interests.
Through this process, I completed a six-month JRNI Life Coaching Certification program. JRNI taught me about the various avenues available to those who want to help others outside of a medical context. Once I realized I could, from day one, specialize in my area of interest and receive industry-leading education from programs like the Gottman Institute and Sessions with Esther Perel, there was no turning back. I knew it wouldn't be the most conventional road, but it was the road that best empowered me to dive headfirst into my passion.
Since then, I've started a business and brought on more than twenty new clients. I'm currently enrolled in the Gottman Institute program to become a certified practitioner with couples. Every day has been some combination of fear, excitement, joy, and uncertainty. But not once have I lost the conviction that this is my life's calling.

I was born and raised in San Diego and have lived all over the Californian coast, from Santa Barbara to San Francisco. In my childhood, my family spent summers exploring national parks, which cultivated within me a deep affinity for the outdoors and respect for wild places. In my free time I love to paint, read, hike, run, surf, and spend time with friends and family.