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Singles Coaching

“It's never too late to have a genuine adventure.” 

- Robert Kurson

Singles Coaching

Singlehood is not a disease, or a lower social standing.


Singlehood is a precious time in your life ask the big questions like: 

  • What brings me joy? What lights me up?

  • What are my dreams and which of them should I go after?

  • What type of life do I want to create for myself?


One aspect of singles coaching is working through these questions together and empowering you to be the architect of your own life. 


When you are ready to seek partnership, we begin the dating process. Together we will cultivate a fun, adventurous, abundance mindset in dating. We will bolster your confidence as a romantic partner, and help you lean into your sexuality as you re-enter the dating world. Ultimately, my goal is to help you find an incredible partner, while treasuring the most important relationship of all, the one with yourself.   

What's discovered in Singles Coaching?

A New Sense of Agency

Step-by-step, we will learn how to step into your own creative power. Through inquiry, reflection, and individualized challenges, you will start to feel as though your world is of your design, as opposed to being a passive observer or victim of circumstance. 


One of the philosophies we will explore around singlehood is self-romance, or the notion that self-love can be cultivated through practices similar to courtship and romance. This can take the form of taking yourself on the dates, buying yourself gifts or experiences you've been wanting to try, and getting really curious about all the wondrous, unique  facets of you. 

Out With the Old,
in With the New (Habits)

We’ve all developed habits in dating we’d like to buck. We'll take a hard look at your dating past and decide what's worth keeping, and what needs to be tossed out the window. Through individualized coaching challenges, we'll file your old bad habits away and pave the way for new, healthier practices.

Playful, Adventurous, Abundance


Dating is a time of discovery, sensuality, intrigue, and joy. And yet, there is no dating without risk. Ghosting, rejection, or heartbreak are just a few of the possible perils. The key is allowing yourself to indulge in the pleasures just as much, if not more, than you acknowledge the risks. Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. 

& Continuous Support

If you’ve had the experience of setting a goal and losing steam before accomplishing it, coaching could be a great fit. Together we will break your top goal into bite-size, achievable steps. I offer continuous support and hold you accountable to ensure you see it through!

App Profile Consultations
& Date Debriefs

First impressions are important! As your coach, I can help you put your best foot forward with a thorough dating app profile review. I also offer date debrief sessions to help you make sense of how it went, what you liked, what you didn’t, and how best to move forward.